Camp Staff

Senior Leadership

Shaw Ashley

Jordie Brubaker

Assistant Director

Leadership Team

Lindsay Ashley

Marty Tipton

Carla Hawkins

Amanda Todd
Leadership Support

Charles Horton
Religious/Church Liaison

Brian Ashley
Safety & Security

Kara Knab

Teresa Davis
Creative Arts

Bella Bellamy

Tony Tipton
Safety & Security

Pat Hawkins
Safety & Security

Josie Watts

Our Staff's History

The NMB Jr. Survival Challenge was originally created in June 2020 and was originally slated for July of 2020. The camp was created and founded by Shaw Ashley & Amanda Todd (acting as Co-Directors). Due to the COVID pandemic, plans for Camp 2020 were cancelled. Jordie Brubaker joined in late-2020 as our Creative Director.

Registration for Camp 2021 came out in late-April. Jordie Brubaker replaced Amanda, and became the camp's Assistant Director, making Shaw the sole Director. Teresa Davis joined as our Creative Arts Consultant & Kara Knab joined as our Volunteer Coordinator. All of these changes remain in effect for Camp 2021.

As of July 2021, a 13-member Leadership Team has been created with Shaw, Jordie, Kara & Teresa with additions of Bella, Tony, Pat, Josie, Charles, Carla, Marty, Lindsay & Brian.

Amanda Todd re-joined the camp in October 2021. She joined our Leadership Team, serving as leadership support.

All 14 Leadership Team members will take part in Camp 2022.