Season 1

The first NMB Celebrity Survivor Challenge was held at River Island Adventures in Longs, South Carolina, on May 21st-22nd, 2022.

12 Local Celebrities and 2 Celebrity Tribe Captains (from the show) competed in a shortened survivor competition. The castaways competed in challenges and voted each other out. In addition, the contestants raised funds monthly to support the NMB Jr. Survivor Camp. 

The event was filmed and edited into mini-episodes. All 12 episodes are out and can be found below.

Check out the cast of the first NMB Celebrity Survivor Challenge, below! Watch the Episodes Here!

*Denotes Fan Favorite Award Winner

Alli Bird
Teacher/Athletic Trainer/Coach

Brooke Smith-Vereen
Teacher/Basketball Coach

Gabby Grayson
Young Miss Teen SC 2021

Nick DeStefano
4th Place & 7th Jury Member
Motivational Speaker

Matt Adams*
5th Place & 6th Jury Member
NMB Area FCA Director

Sandra Diaz-Twine
6th Place & 5th Jury Member
Winner of Survivors: 7 & 20

Charles Horton
7th Place & 4th Jury Member
SC Virtual Teacher/Youth Director

Chris Underwood
8th Place & 3rd Jury Member
Winner of Survivor: 38

Brooke Vu
9th Place & 2nd Jury Member
Miss Myrtle Beach

Cindy Naillon
10th Place & 1st Jury Member
Real Estate Agent/Hairstylist

Jamie Conner
11th Place
Banking Executive

Samuel Shelton
12th Place
Multimedia Journalist

Nikki Fontana
13th Place
NMB City Councilwoman

Harrison Santangelo
14th Place
Chamber Executive 

Voting History

Challenge Win History